A Simulator for the CWops CWT Contests

I have recently developed a simulator for the weekly CWT contests sponsored by CWops. The simulator uses an Arduino UNO-R3 as the Morse generator under the control of a PC application that is responsible for logging and grading the user.

CWT-Simulator-Block Diagram 

Using the Simulator - To operate the Simulator the user performs a set of configuration steps which involve connection to the Arduino, creation of a pool of potential callers, definition of information about the user's operation (call, name, number, etc.), and definition of the type of session the user wishes to run. All of these steps are performed from the user interface on the PC as described in detail in these User Notes.

Constructing the Simulator - Construction of the simulator is straight-forward. The digital potentiometer subsystem requires some time to carefully solder the bread board PCB containing the three ICs as described in detail in these Construction Notes.

Download the Package - To begin the download of the latest version (1.1.1) right click on this link CWT-Simulator Download Package and elect to save the file to a directory of your choosing.

Upzip the Package - Once the download is complete unzip the package. This will result in two files in addition to the setup exe:  Construction Notes and User Notes

Install the software - Run the exe file to install the software.

Support - Once the PC side of the software is installed you can access the user and construction notes from the Help menu. If you continue to have questions after reviewing these notes feel free to contact me via the email link provided on the CQ/X Support page.

Updates - There are currently no update patches to the program but once revisions are made they will be available here.

Issues - You can check on any known issues here.

Copyright: C.W. Sanders, NO5W
Last Updated: 27-January-2017