A Practice Mode for Pile Up Net

In an actual competition PileUpNetPlayer is the application used by the competitors to log the call signs they copy as a pile-up audio file is played on their machines under the control of the Host. Each entered call is sent to the Host for scoring. In the Practice Mode the user selects a competition from the past, logs the calls heard either on computer or paper, and at the end of the test session is presented a score and an analysis of the good and bad calls and, where available, is given a comparison of his results to the winning and average scores of the original competition. A history is kept of the results of each test session and can be reviewed as desired by the user.  Most of the competitions included in the practice are those that have been held over the last 15-20 years at the KCDXC Hospitality Suite at Dayton but data from a few additional competitions is also included. Although use of the application is straightforward a small set of user notes is also included in the download and serves to illustrate some of the features unique to the practice mode. This version adds the Dayton 2017 Pile Up, adds the ability to clear the entry window using Alt+W, and adds the ability to skip the introduction on any given pile up

Begin the Download - To begin the download of the latest version (1.8.2) right click on this link PileUpNet Download Package and elect to save the file to a directory of your choosing. The download package is approximately 100MB. 

Upzip the Package - Once the download is complete unzip the package. This will result in two files: the set of user notes and a setup exe file. 

Install the software - Run the setup exe file to install the software.

Updates - As they become available data files from other competitions will be added and from time to time changes to the practice mode may occur so check back for updates which will be issued as patches to the original application. There are currently no patches for version 1.8.2

Questions related to the practice mode can be addressed to  


Good luck in the pileups, whether real or otherwise!


Copyright: C.W. Sanders, NO5W
Last Updated: 10-June-2017